"Edinburgh is a fascinating city in many ways. With a personnalized city tour full of insights, Mark Fisher was able to make us feel that unique spirit, allowing for a much better understanding of the city, its festivals and its inhabitants."
Daniel Bissonnette, Montreal

"I found it very insightful and especially coming from someone with a first hand inside insight into the inner working of the biggest festival in the world."
Sachiko Soro, Fiji

"It was my first experience in Edinburgh and I enjoyed every moment in this fantastic city. I just regret not having participated in these festivals before this year. Mark Fisher opened my eyes to a side of Edinburgh that I would never have been able to discover on my own".
Alain Paré, Montreal

"Mark Fisher tiene el conocimiento y la experiencia para hacer que ese gran labertino de actividades que es Edimburgo se convierta en un paseo por una ciudad vibrante y encatadora."
Edgardo Bermejo, Mexico

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